1 thought on “Make a spoon

  1. This full day course allows you to take a log blank and turn it into a spoon you’ll be able to use forever. We teach you how to safely and effectively use axes and different knives to shape your spoon, giving you the perfect introduction into making spoons for yourself at home.

    Spoon carving is an excellent, relaxing opportunity to get away from it all and do something different for a day, in the peace and tranquillity of our Woodland Craft Area in beautiful Collaford Wood, Blackawton.
    Carving a spoon, ladle or scoop from a split piece of green round wood is an immensely satisfying and creative process, crafting an item of practical use, bringing joy every time you use it. They also make fantastic gifts, if you can bear to give them away!
    Price includes tuition, wood, use of tools, and drinks and snacks to keep you going through the day.

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