Workshop and previous course views

Week long residential course for young Adults

Harvesting Ash for stool legs with the two handed saw


Drawknife practice


Stool legs


Lunch time


Everyone takes turns to make the days bread


Shaping a stool top


Film night!


finished stools

Plymouth University Design students
on a day long green woodwork discovery course

Talking about how the tree grows


Talking about timber extraction


Passing on the knowledge…. the side axe.

Demonstrating the Drawknife



Tea break


18 students, two teachers, one day’s work and two ladders!






Views of our spoon making course!

the ‘inspiration’ bench

teaching Axe techniques

workshop view from the kitchen

nothing like working by the warm oven

Axe working under our new canopy

finished spoons!




our workshop is still under construction… but just to get your imagination going, I’ll describe the vision as best as I can.


We have cleared a large circular space on the Beech bank in view of the fields, making full use of the morning sun, work takes place under a 10m circular tarpaulin (hand made my Simon) based round an Oak tree. The eating/kitchen space is just behind with a crook frame entrance and probably a recycled wrinkly tin roof, and if all goes to plan a massive single plank Elm table. Cooking is done on a mixture of wood fired Esse stove, Pizza oven and open fire.